Terrier Collar Base Model- 19mm (3/4″) Cyan


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APOLLO STRAPPING YARD COLLARS- 19mm  Hard wearing and easy to clean yard collars. The fluro colours are great for identifying your dog in the field. Made with nickel plated buckle and a good quality Dee

What’s the APOLLO STRAPPING collar made from you might ask? Core to the strength of Apollo  strapping is the woven centre. Produced from a combination of carefully selected yarns, the weave gives the product high tensile strength, flexibility and assists with the adhesion to the outer polymer coating.

The adhesive used to create the strong bond between the webbing and the polymer is a carefully selected and formulated blend of adhesives sourced from Europe. The result is possibly the toughest bond between webbing and polymer available. It is by far the strongest that we have tested.

The final ingredient in Apollo strapping is the outer co-polymer coating. Made from a flexible Thermoplastic Elastomeric compound specially designed for the equestrian market, this compound is manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS2070-1999, Plastics Material for Food Contact Use. Being UV stabilised, the finished product is both strong and durable in extreme weather conditions


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19", 21", 23"